Asset Management
Preventing by Predicting
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In line with the changing needs of our clients, we now offer a range of Asset Management Contracts which can be tailored to your requirements. These contracts can include Motors, Pumps, Gearboxes and any other asset that requires a care strategy, right up to a full facilities management solution.

Our Asset Management contracts can include all aspects of machine ownership including history, safety, PUWER audits, Resource, spares availability and all other factors of machine ownership

Our custom Asset Management software enables us to report on common occurrences, analyse all failure modes and make recommendations to eliminate future failures.

Contracts of this nature are dependant on the development on a working partnership relationship with both parties committed to reducing unplanned outages and hence increasing machine availability

Once a contract is in place our experienced team will work with you to define a set of monthly reports which are totally flexible to ensure that you receive the data pertinent to your business requirements.

Customer Comment:
Asset Management from the Anstee and Ware group relieves you of the maintenance burden enabling you to focus on real business issues safe in the knowledge that your plant maintenance is in hand.
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