Failure Mode Analysis
Preventing by Understanding
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All of our contract customers have the option of benefiting from Failure Mode Analysis (FMA) whenever an item of equipment is repaired, which when used in conjunction with our complete asset management solution provides historical FMA data in a hierarchal format structured to your business needs.

Such is the flexibility of our software failure mode data can be analysed by asset type, department, building, manager or any other category which you require, with drilldown to individual assets.

A member of our contracts team will review your data at the end of each period and will contact you regarding any recommended actions which our engineers have suggested.

When ever an item is repaired due to failure, serviced as part of a preventive maintenance schedule or subject to condition based monitoring the results will appear within your failure mode analysis - giving you the total picture, enabling you to understand when and why plant is failing allowing us to prevent unplanned failures.
Customer Comment:
After our Failure Mode Analysis identified the cause of the regular failures of plucker motors at a food processing plant and a solution identified by our asset management tean was implemented, the customer stated "It’s brilliant that the motors are lasting longer. This saves us a tremendous amount of money over the course of a fiscal year."
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