Vibration Analysis
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Vibration analysis is the foundation for effective Machinery Health Management and at Anstee Ware our equipment includes the CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer with the AMS™ Suite: Machinery Health Manager Software for analysis and reporting.

Our competent engineers are accredited and trained CM personnel to Level 1 and Level 2 Vibration Analysis in compliance with ISO18436 and managed by the internationally-renowned PCN (Personnel Certification in NDT) Scheme

What Causes Vibration ?
There are numerous specific problems that can cause a machine to exhibit excessive vibration and Vibration Analysis (VA), is used to locate the root cause. Forces that cause vibration are usually generated through the rotating motion of the unit’s components or the electrical supply frequency. When a defect condition occurs the problem will exhibit characteristics that are directly related to specific frequencies.
Imbalance Misalignment Bent Shafts Soft Foot Eccentricity
Gear Defect Bearing Defect Impeller Blade Looseness Drive Belt
Natural Frequencies Resonances Random Vibration Electrical  

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Customer Comment:
Using the Vibration Analysis service from Anstee and Ware has enabled us to identify component failures before they have had the chance to impact on production.
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