Dynamic Balancing
There are no such things as "Good Vibrations"
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Anstee and Ware's dynamic balancing facility is specially designed to provide you with emergency or scheduled balancing of the widest possible range of components.

Shown on the left is a 130kg Aluminium cooling fan from a cooling tower in a steel works, click on the image to see a short video of the fan being balanced.

Our operatives can balance items up to 18 tonnes, 8 metres in length and 4.5 metres in diameter, we are approved to Rolls Royce standard JES-174 for the balancing of Aero Engine parts, in addition to which all work is carried out to BS ISO 1940-1:2003.

In addition to our workshop based balancing facilities we can balance on customer's sites to BS 7854-1:1996.

With the ability to balance up to 18 tons or 63000 rpm and with fully qualified and experienced engineers available 24 hours a day... Anstee and Ware are the first choice for dynamic balancing.

Customer Comment:
Anstee and Ware are one of the few companies in the area who are able to provide the balancing service which we require, without them we would need to look further afield to satisfy our production requirements.
18 grams to 18 tonnes
8 meters x 4.5 metres
Horizontal Balancing
Vertical Balancing
On Site Balancing
200- 63,000 rpm
24 Hour Service
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