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All activities are completed in accordance with ISO9001:2000 registration as standard.

From design to delivery activities are carried out in accordance with an approved quality plan an example of which is shown below.

  1. Design.
  2. Goods Inwards Inspection.
  3. Material Certification.
  4. Visual Inspection at tack up.
  5. 100% visual inspection of completed fabrication.
  6. NDT (Non Destructive Testing) to approved procedure.
  7. Proof Load testing to approved procedure.
  8. Pressure testing to approved procedure.
  9. Surface preparation and painting to an approved procedure.
  10. Third Party Inspection / Review.
  11. PMI (Positive Material Identification).
  12. Production of MRB (Manufacturing Record Book) to an approved format.

Customer Comment:
All of Anstee and Ware's activities are executed in accordance with defined procedures so as a customer we can be assured that our items are being manufactured to the highest quality
Defined Procedures
Project Management
Non Destructive Test
Material Certification
Goods In Inspection
Coded Welding
Pressure Test
Load Test