Experienced Electromechanical Executive, Graeme Robertson, Joins Parsons Peebles as Chief Operating Officer

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Parsons Peebles is pleased to announce the appointment of Graeme Robertson who will join the company as COO, effective 3rd of October 2016. This appointment will strengthen the operational effectiveness of the business as it continues its journey to becoming the UK’s no.1 electromechanical products and services provider.

Graeme joins Parsons Peebles from the Sulzer organisation and has held a number of senior roles for several years. Graeme has significant experience in all of Parsons Peebles’ target markets. In addition to his market and operational experience Graeme brings an excellent technical and commercial understanding to the business.

Graeme has an excellent reputation in the market amongst customers and peers and we’re delighted to welcome him on board.

He will significantly strengthen our drive to further improve our customer experience and service excellence which is critical to our development, said Frank Barrett, CEO of the Parsons Peebles Group.

Graeme Robertson further added, “Parsons Peebles is where it all began for me many years ago, as a young keen apprentice, and so I’m excited to be re-joining Parsons Peebles at this dynamic period of the company’s growth. I look forward to supporting the business as it diversifies into new market sectors offering new products and services. Having previously worked with many of the customers with which we are looking to strengthen our relationships, I hope to bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the business. Parsons Peebles has a great reputation and portfolio of products and services which I’m delighted to help build up even further.”

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